Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The government's claim was correct, after the government received feat notabandhi and take a look at the challenge

Ambush had argued the government's imposed notabandhina decision on the country's economy and the public from corruption, will rein in terrorism and black money, the claim that the government is somewhat beyond the right also, but to the country to convert pakadayelum black money and the old notes new notes after notabandhi when Paul claims the government has opened the door to stop touting vahivatoe in the past, notabandhi take a look at the achievements and challenges of the post-colonial government.

Notabandhini achievements
Hundreds of crores kalunnanum jhadapayum
Black marketeers, thieves can debilitate
Rein traitors activities
Rs received from the Maoists. 7000 crore
Rs. 400 crore in the counterfeiting business Buch
Promoting cashless economy
Bank deposits of Rs. 7 million

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